PAP SMEAR (Liquid-Prep).

PAP SMEAR (Liquid-Prep).PAP SMEAR (Liquid-Prep).

PAP SMEAR (Liquid-Prep).

Method of Collection:

Refer to lab

Days for reporting:

1 Day




Why is the Test Done?

Liquid based cytology (LBC) is a way of preparing cervical samples for examination in the laboratory: The sample is collected in a similar way to the Pap smear, using a special device (spatula) which brushes cells from the neck of the womb. The reduction in inadequate rates from using LBC is of considerable benefit to women in terms of reducing anxiety, uncertainty and the need for repeat tests. Inadequate samples are those where no result can be issued and include those where blood or other matter in the sample makes it impossible to see the cells properly. In these cases, women are invited back for a second test. The number of inadequate test results has fallen from over 9 per cent before the introduction of LBC to 2.8 per cent in 2011 so fewer women now need a second test. A faster turnaround time in the laboratory also means that women get their results more quickly.


How to prepare for the Test:

+91 81304 15737