HB A1C (Glycosylated Hb)

HB A1C (Glycosylated Hb)HB A1C (Glycosylated Hb)

HB A1C (Glycosylated Hb)

Method of Collection:

EDTA Vacutainer

Days for reporting:

6 Hrs



6.10 - 7.00 % HbA1C indicates very good control.
7.10 - 8.00 % HbA1C indicates adequate control.
8.10 - 9.00 % HbA1C indicates suboptimal control.
> 9.00 % HbA1C indicates poor control.


Why is the Test Done?

Your doctor may order this test you have diabetes. It used to measure your blood sugar control over several months. It can give a good estimate of how managed your diabetes over the last 2 or 3 months. You have more glycated hemoglobin if you have had high level of glucose in your blood. In general, the higher your HbA1c, the higher the risk that you will develop problems such as: Eye disease Heart disease Never damage Stroke This is especially true if your HbA1c remains high for a long period of time. The closer your HbA1c, is to normal, the less risk you have for these complications.


How to prepare for the Test:

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