New year is already here and this new year  let us focus on healthy eating and healthy lives. The changes in the diet will not only benefit people physically but also mentally and emotionally.

There are few eating habits that need to be corrected and these are not drastic changes from your old self Following are some of the changes that can help you build a healthy life style.

Control on the portions

Focus on the portions whether we are eating at home or in a gathering our eating out. We do not need to deprive ourselves and make ourselves sad and depressed , we only need to take a smaller slice. Also when we eat slowly the satiety centre is informed in time and we tend to eat smaller amounts . If we are eating fast the satiety centre gets the information late and we are already overeaten by the  time we are alerted by our brain

Eat more salads

It is a good idea to eat large number of salads and then helps in feeling full early and preventing overeating . Some people feel that we should eat salads before major meals so that the stomach is already full before the major meal . This also helps in mindful eating and cutting down empty calories.

Try going vegetarian for a few days

Vegetarian food has huge amount of fiber along with lots of nutrients and vitamins . Going vegetarian for a few days will help keeping the balance

Experiment with interesting vegetarian recipes

The focus is on trying more vegetarian and creating interesting recipes will  help keep the interest in the vegetarian food

Reduce the alcohol intake

In every meal try to reduce the alcohol. Not only does alcohol have empty calories  but also impacts the functioning of the liver .

Cut down on Carbs

Reduce the carbs and make carbs a very small portion of your total diet. Have at least one meal in a day which has no carbs.

No Sugars

Artificial sugars are a complete no . But also it is important to restrict the sugars coming from fruits. High sugar containing fruits should be taken only in moderation .

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